Earn Real Yields On-chain With

Our Hold-to-Earn Products

Gen. M Partners specializes in the issuance of security tokens, bridging private and public markets with digital assets.


On-chain Private Market Instrument

The first instrument that Gen. M Partners will be issuing is a tokenized private equity fund where ownership in the fund is represented by our security token.


Corporate Asset Management

At Gen. M Partners we establish individual risk tolerance and preferences of each client, we then craft a tailored investment strategy and allocation plan designed for your needs.


Advisory For Product Structuring

We aim to guide businesses and corporate clients through their own Security Token Offering (STO) as an alternative to traditional IPOs.

Initial Offering

Tokenized Private Equity Fund

Gen. M Partners is pleased to launch our first Security Token Offering set to launch later this year. Token holders have the opportunity to generate passive income through the returns yielded by our comprehensive private equity portfolio.


Secondary Sale fees


Minimum Investment


Fund Size

Why Invest in a Tokenized Private Equity Fund?

Why Tokenize Securities?


Democratizing Access to Private Markets


Industry Competitive Minimums


Raising Capital Efficiently Through STOs


Automation in the Distribution Process


Accessible for anyone to invest in private markets


Profit-sharing model


Access to secondary market liquidity


Earn dividends by simply holding $TPEF

Private Equity has consistently delivered superior returns compared

To traditional asset classes

For over past two decades, private equity has consistently generated impressive returns relative to alternative asset classes.

According to data from Preqin, private equity funds have delivered an average annualized return of over 13% over the past 20 years, compared to less than 10% for the S&P 500 index.

Gen. M Partners is

Reinventing Private Markets

Gen. M Partners is reshaping the landscape of how private and public market investments are offered to the public, providing investors with the opportunity to build a portfolio of on-chain financial products for the modern era.



This fractional ownership of assets allows for greater liquidity, increased accessibility to a wider range of investors globally, and facilitates faster and cheaper transactions.



Smart contracts automate transactions and distributions by executing predefined conditions automatically. They streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and minimize the risk of errors and fraud in capital markets.

artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning algorithms are being utilized to analyze vast amounts of data to identify investment opportunities, optimize trading strategies, and assess risk more accurately.

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