Entry to private markets

Access institutional-quality on-chain investment opportunities delivering consistent yields backed by real-world assets.


Begin Your Investment Journey in private markets with $1500

Gain exposure to venture deals, real estate, alternative investment and much more.


Tap into higher returns

Private equity has consistently outperformed public market performance for the last two decades.

Token Representation

Token holders will receive a share of the net profits generated by the fund based on the quantity of tokens they hold. The distributions will be executed via smart contracts, aiming to enhance efficiency and maximize profitability for our LPs.

Token Representation

Investment Pillars

Private Placements

We are in the early stages of a technological revolution, the ongoing rise of automation, digitization, and integration of technology in industries and society marks a significant revolution characterized by the merging of various technological pillars.

Real Estate

The fund will be taking a multi-strategy approach to its real estate investments by providing exposure to single-family and commercial deals to be brought to limited partners (token holders).

Alternative Investments

The funds' strategic allocations in Fine Arts serve as a hedge against market volatility and currency fluctuations. By diversifying beyond conventional assets, we are enhancing risk- adjusted returns and preserving capital over the long term for our LPs.

Token Value

The value of each token is based on the Net Asset Value (NAV) of each fund, including both on-chain and off-chain assets held. Our private investments will encompass buyouts, growth equity, and venture capital opportunities, with the inclusion of special situations based on the investment opportunities presented.